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Breaking Twitter News! Jenn Sterger Just Woke Up From Her Nap

Some days I want to praise the gods above for the creation of Twitter. And other days, I want to curse the gods for my decision to follow Jenn Sterger. This is one of those days where my message to the gods falls in the latter category.

Thanks for the update, Jenn. And The Daily Line has already been moved to another time slot? It’s not on at 6:00 Eastern anymore? How long has that show been on Versus anyway? A month? Man, if you can’t hold down a time slot on friggin’ Versus, that could spell trouble.

But tell me more about your nap, Jenn. Did you rest well? Don’t tell me you drooled all over your pillow again! Oh dear!

Oh, I almost forgot. She uploaded a self-photo of herself rising from her pleasant slumber.

Well, would you look at that. Boy, she’s appears as beautiful, vapid and narcissistic as she always seems to be, even right after a nap. That’s really something.

Keep us posted if you happen to take an after-nap poop, Jenn. We’re all waiting with baited breath.

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