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Bert Blyleven Should Dig Out His ‘I Love To Fart’ Shirt: Minnesota Wendy’s Now Selling A ‘Bert Burger’

Who needs induction into the Hall of Fame when you can get a fast food joint to name a burger after you?

That’s right, Twins broadcaster and all-around ragamuffin Bert Blyleven has partnered up with Minnesota Wendy’s franchises to sell the Bert Burger. Details regarding what exactly will go on the Bert Burger are sketchy right now, but Blyleven announced the partnership during last night’s Twins telecast and Pioneer Press columnist Charley Waters mentioned the new burger in a May 3rd column. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the burger will go towards Parkinson’s research, something Blyleven is very passionate about after losing his father to the disease.

Man, I wonder what will be on the burger. Given Bert’s taste for non-arthropod invertebrate animals (which he also did to raise money for Parkinson’s research), let’s hope Wendy’s doesn’t listen to any of his suggestions.

Charley Walters: Minnesota Twins’ farm system has good arms aplenty [Pioneer Press]
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