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Woody Paige Believes Godless Heathens Should Stop Ripping Tim Tebow For His Faith

The Woody Paige-captained Tim Tebow Lovefest Armada has been running at full tilt in Denver ever since the Broncos drafted him, which is why it should come as no surprise that in his column published today in The Denver Post, Paige has chosen to admonish we sinners for doing the unthinkable and actually degrading the great Tim Tebow simply because of his faith.

Not surprisingly, the backlash against Tebow is not quite as simple as Paige elects to frame it in his column. And since I don’t have the time nor the inclination to discuss the merits of a Woody Paige column at any great length, I’ll simply allow Paige himself to refute the very point he was trying to make:

But Tebow — who has ministered at prisons instead of spending time in prisons — is scolded. Sure, he appeared with his mother in a controversial Super Bowl television commercial sponsored by the Colorado Springs-based organization Focus on the Family, and he has worn eye black highlighting Biblical verses, and he is the son of Baptist missionaries, and he holds Bible study classes for teammates if they want to attend, and he did ask players at the NFL scouting combine to pray with him and he closes every speech and interview with “God bless,” and he’s as upfront about his beliefs as Jason Elam and Brian Dawkins, beloved former and current Broncos.

Exactly, Woody. Every single thing that Tebow uses to define himself and everything he subsequently does has to in some way or another deal with Christianity and point out his religious beliefs. Maybe if he would give it a rest every once in a while it wouldn’t be so damn off-putting. People don’t like having things – especially religion – shoved down their throats constantly. It’s not just that he’s religious, it’s the seemingly “holier than thou” attitude through which it is delivered.

So my advice to Tebow would be to lay off the Christian stuff for a bit. Allow people to start seeing you as a normal person: not perfect, but flawed like everybody else. Start nailing skanky broads, get hooked on drugs and then publicly praise God for saving your soul. Hey, it worked for Josh Hamilton. For a little while, that is.

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