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South Africans Go ‘Meh’ For Shakira’s World Cup Song, Lack Taste In Sexy Music

In what surely will be the biggest controversy to face the World Cup in South Africa this summer (no, I don’t read any news stories about the World Cup – why do you ask?), South Africans are poo-pooing Shakira’s anthem, “Waka Waka.” From what I understand, the song is an homage to Cameroonian music and features South African band Freshlyground. Among the critiques (via The Telegraph):

“Really, I mean, how is Shakira going to sing the African part of it?” said Nomaswazi Thomo, another local fan from Johannesburg.

“It’s horrible,” local fan Lindi Munonde said. “I’m not standing for it. I mean what is our president doing about it?”

Indeed. If there ever were a time for intervention by President Jacob Zuma on behalf of his country’s citizens, this cause and this time would be the perfect moment to spring into action. Don’t sit on your hands, Mr. President! Your people need you!

Nevertheless, if these two testimonies by average South Africans regarding Shakira’s song is any indication, trouble is brewing. But the question remains, how can so many people be so disappointed with a song by Shakira? She’s a gift of hip-shaking sultriness the entire world can share in.

What do I think of the song? I don’t know. Never heard it. Hey, how about we all take a listen and see for ourselves? Yeah? Super, let’s go!

Oh my God. That was – how do I put this nicely? – bloody awful. Ugh. Maybe I was wrong. And where was Shakira in the video? This was a poorly executed music video, I will tell you that much.

You know, maybe I have been wrong this whole time. Maybe Shakira’s appeal does not lie in her musical talents at all but solely due to the fact she is drop-dead gorgeous and has a remarkable ability to seductively gyrate her body. Huh. I never would have suspected that outward appearances and sex appeal – not talent – are what help people make it in the music business. You learn something new every day, I guess.

World Cup 2010: Shakira’s official song ‘Waka Waka’ fails to impress South Africans [The Telegraph]
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