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Probably Not The Best Timing For Newspaper’s ‘Philly Fan Project’, Huh?

In light of the two recent events profiling the less-than-exemplary behavior by two Phillies fans depicted by the above two photos (I imagine you readers are familiar with the associated stories by now), I bet the folks at ThePhiladelphia Inquirer are kicking themselves that this had to be the week they are rolling out the “Philly Fan Project” a four-part series which attempts to piece together the responses to a survey “of 2,303 subscribers to the daily sports newsletter in the eight-county region of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania and South Jersey suburbs” and ascertain what Philadelphia sports fans think, who they like and how they enjoy sports.

Dr. Aubrey Kent, who is affiliated with the Sport Industry Research Center at Temple University, headed up the survey and the compiling of additional data, which included “more than 100 interviews with fans, current and former Philadelphia athletes and team officials to provide reaction and context.” He says:

“Philadelphia has a lot of stereotypes about its sports fandom, this may help either contextualize or create some new ideas about what sports fans think in Philadelphia.”

You got that right, Dr. Kent. Best of luck to you in reporting your findings.

About the Philly Fan Project [The Philadelphia Inquirer]