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NFL: ‘So Long, Old Flavorless Beer Sponsor; Greetings, New Flavorless Beer Sponsor’

In a move that is sure to rock the worlds of millions of NFL fans who choose which crappy beer they drink solely on the endless volume of commercials they are inundated with every Sunday afternoon of football viewing, sources are indicating that MillerCoors will no longer be the official beer sponsor of the National Football League. Instead, that honor will reportedly be Anheuser Busch.

Via Sports Business Daily:

Terms were not immediately available, but sources said A-B is paying twice what Coors paid. Coors has been an NFL league sponsor since ‘02. A-B was an NFL sponsor from ’88-‘01, sharing the category for some of those years with Miller. “The sponsorship did a lot for Coors as far as getting out front of competitors like Bud and Miller,’’ said a knowledgeable industry source, “but they just reached a point where the value wasn’t there for what the NFL wanted.’’

Anheuser Busch, eh? That reminds me of an old joke. A man walks into a bar where a lovely lady is working behind the bar. She asks him, “What’ll you have?” to which he replies, “Anheuser Busch,” to which she retorts, “Fine. And how’s your penis?”


Now, do not fret, watery beer imbibers: this does not mean that we will still not be bombarded with those silly Coors Light/NFL Coaches commercials. Apparently, those ads can continue without official corporate sponsorship, which is a good thing, because I cannot wait until they mix-up footage of a Sean Payton press conference when he’s all whacked out on Vicodin with those goofy Coors Light guys. And here you thought the Dennis Green one was the furthest they could go on the awkward hilarity meter.

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