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Celtics GM Danny Ainge Caught Trying To Distract Cavs Player By Throwing Towel

Danny Ainge is the new Mark Cuban, but with a decent haircut.

I guess whatever works, huh? A man sitting behind the free throw line throwing a towel in the air during a free throw by Cleveland forward J.J. Hickson late in the third quarter shown during Game 2 of the Celtics-Cavaliers series last night has been identified as Celtics general manager Danny Ainge. Seriously?

When asked about it, a spokesman for the NBA stated that he was unaware of Ainge’s actions.

Cavaliers coach Mike Brown was amused by Ainge’s futile attempts at distraction (Hickson made the free throw):

“That was interesting to see that happen during the flow of the game, from Danny Ainge,” Brown said. “If it’s it within the rules, hey, at this time, you do whatever you can to win. As long as it’s within the rules.”

But really, Danny Ainge? Maybe if you hadn’t stocked your team’s roster with players past their prime you wouldn’t feel the need to stoop to bush league tactics like that. Yeah, that’s me actually dropping some NBA knowledge. No, I don’t know if that’s actually true, but it sounds kind of informed, doesn’t it?

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