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Tim Tebow Haiku Contest: A Collection Of 17 Syllables Of Awfulness

So, yeah, The Denver Post, in an attempt to harness the frenzy and excitement of Tim Tebow’s arrival in their fair city, did what any sensible, thinking-outside-of-the-box newspaper would do: hold a reader-submitted haiku contest with the Broncos first round draft bust pick as the subject. Genius! Plus, it pays tribute to the lost art of professional sports poetry, too, so in many ways, it’s a win-win.

We held a contest to see who could write the best haiku about Denver Broncos draftee Tim Tebow. About 150 haikus were submitted, and we cut those entries down to these 5, ranked in the order of votes from the Denver Post online team.

We now leave the selection of the winner to you, dear reader. The writer of the haiku with the most votes wins a Denver Broncos store gift card. This poll closes Wed., May 5 at 2:30 p.m.

The finalists in the Tim Tebow Haiku Contest follow.

Number 1:

Tim Tebow the bust,
Has an awkward, southpaw thrust
Firing Josh a must

Number 2:

QB from Gators
Who benefits from this pick?
Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders

Number 3:

Tim Tebow…the one?
Second coming of Elway?
Josh throws hail Mary

Number 4:

A Tebow today
Leading Broncos to water
That they might not drink

Number 5:

Drafting Tebow makes
sense, he is now one mile closer
to the Almighty.

Those were the top 5? Jesus, those are terrible. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse, the next one surpassed the previous haiku in stupidity. It makes you wonder how brutal the other 145 submissions were.

Actually, there was one more option, if you happened to be bored enough to vote: None of the Above.

Yeah, I’m going with the final option. And further, shouldn’t it have been a Tim Tebow Psalm Contest anyway? You know, for consistency’s sake?

The Tim Tebow Haiku Contest Finalists [The Denver Post]