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Stephen A. Smith’s Little Radio Program Attracting Some Powerful Call-In Guests

Yep. You read that right. The one, the only Oprah called in to Stephen A. Smith’s Fox Sports radio program this morning, and as you can see, SAS was pretty pumped up about it. I can tell by the eight exclamation points and that he actually used capital letters appropriately to emphasize excitement, not merely to illustrate how loud he talks all the time. Really, Stephen A. Smith has been this excited since CHEEZ DOODLES came out with their Honey BBQ Puffed flavor. QUITE FRANKLY, THE HONEY BBQ CHEESE DUST IS EXEMPLARY FINGER-LICKING-NESS !

Other than that, not much to add here, other than according to a subsequent tweet by SAS, Oprah was using Smith’s, um, reach, to inform people of her movement to try and stop people from texting and driving. SAS is in and it he hopes “all of ya’ll are too.” All ya’ll of us? I feel like I’m really part of something!

Is it just me, or is it becoming increasingly apparent that Oprah has really taken to slumming it lately? First, it was stooping to narrate a nature documentary on the Discovery Channel, now this? What has happened to you Oprah? Stuff like this used to be beneath you. Is Gayle King not putting out enough lately or something?

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