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Even Horses Cannot Stand Being Around Al Roker For More Than 30 Seconds

And down she goes. Obviously, this poor excuse for an equine has never worked in live television before, and it will likely be the last time. My guess is after this humiliating appearance on The Today Show, it’s off to the glue factory for this horse.

The poor woman bucked off the horse is former jockey Donna Brothers, who is now some sort of correspondent for NBC. In retrospect, it was a horrible idea from the get-go. Al Roker don’t work with kids or animals. Or Gene Shalit anymore. Seriously, what happened to that guy?

But here’s the inside scoop for all of you budding show business types: if there’s one thing you better learn if you want to make it far in the business, it’s that you never EVER cross Al Roker. The guy is like an elephant – he never forgets. Also, he loves peanuts.

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