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Off Topic: This Is Almost Like Identity Theft But Not Really

Courtesy of this tweet from the esteemed Unsilent, I was made aware of this post by the one and only Ufford over at his blog, Warming Glow. As you can see, there is some big shot Hollywood writer making ends meet penning scripts for NCIS: Los Angeles with a variation of my internet moniker.

Via Warming Glow:

This is an actual screen cap from the most recent episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Yes, the person who wrote the episode is Speed Weed. He is an actual person. I contacted him over Facebook to see if he’d be willing to do a Q&A, because it’s not every day — or ever — that you meet someone whose name is a combination of uppers and downers. The only name that might be cooler is Cocaine Booze, but that doesn’t rhyme.

Anyway, Speed informed me that he was about to leave for Bhutan for five weeks — which is either awesome or an awesomely extravagant lie — and when he gets back he’ll be working for “Law & Order: SVU.”

The hell? Who does this guy think he is? Speed Weed? Come on, man, that’s like copyright infringement or something. Or at the very least, a total ripoff off my moniker which was in turn a ripoff of a song by Sebadoh, but still. This aggression…this aggression cannot stand, man.

The Best Name in Show Business [Warming Glow]