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Mike Ditka Thinks Someone Should Whack Off Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland Or Something

I guess I really don’t see how this would teach Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland any lessons about why you don’t ask a grown man if his mother is a hooker, no matter the situation, but during an interview yesterday on 790 The Ticket, Mike Ditka told Dan LeBatard that someone should manually pleasure the beleaguered NFL executive for his inappropriate questioning of Dez Bryant.

Via The Dallas Morning News:

“I think the individual who asked that question, somebody ought to whack him in the head,” Ditka said. “You don’t ask that question. If you think you know it, you know.

“What are you going to confront a young man with that situation for? He probably loves his mother no matter what she is or who she is. Why would somebody do that? I don’t understand things like that.

“Maybe I’m naive or I’m old. I don’t understand that. Why? What do you get from asking that question? What’s it all about? Every bit of information has to be spread out on the table now? Is that it? Everybody’s dirty linen has to be out? I disagree with that. I’m sorry.”

Oh. It was “whack him in the head,” not “whack him off.” I really have to start reading things more carefully before jumping the gun. I suppose that makes much more sense. Pardon the confusion, my friends.

Now that I understand what Ditka was trying to say more clearly, I am compelled to agree with him. This Ireland guy will never live this moronic gaffe down. And even if Ditka is getting up there in years, I would still love to see Iron Mike backhand this woodhead. It would be like the ultimate celebrity boxing match, only without Danny Bonaduce, which is a good thing. We as a people have to stop enabling that ginger.

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