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Hey Look, Canadiens Fans Took To The Streets For Drunken Revelry…Again

Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, there is another rite of spring that can be counted on: another Eastern Conference quarterfinal series victory, another chance for Canadiens fans to pour out into the streets of Montreal for some good old fashioned, riotous ultraviolence.

Okay, last night’s celebration in the City of Mary after the Habs ousted the Capitals by winning the last three games of the series didn’t quite reach the anarchic levels of the 1993 Stanley Cup riots or the events in 2008 after the Canadiens eliminated the Boston Bruins in that season’s quarterfinal series, but much inebriated fun was to be had and the riot police were out flexing their muscles once again on the chance that people would take things too far.

Via the Canadian Press:

Police in riot gear watched the scene warily. In a city notorious for a history of hockey-related violence, people tossed bottles and hurled epithets at officers as a helicopter buzzed overhead. Police fired back with tear-gas canisters.

Authorities braced for a possible repeat of the looting that followed championship wins in 1986 and 1993, and after early-round victories in more recent years. At least two arrests were reported late Wednesday, but the postgame reaction was marked mainly by peaceful revelry.
Chants of, “Go Habs Go!” could be heard throughout the downtown core, along with blasts from car horn and the city’s trademark battle cry of, “Ole! Ole!”

Right on. You have to give the Montrealgolians credit – they know how to celebrate.

After the jump, a couple videos of the street party recorded by those right in the middle of the mayhem.

What occurred last night in Montreal may be but only a glimpse into what might happen next. Via CTV News:

CTV Montreal’s Annie De Melt said the victory put Habs fans in “complete euphoria” after an improbable win from a team that didn’t seemed destined for victory at various points in the season.

“The fans surely believe it now,” De Melt told CTV’s Canada AM from Montreal on Thursday morning.

“We were really not having the kind of hockey fever that we’ve seen in past years here in Montreal because people were not expecting, perhaps, the team to get this far.”

But with the victory over the Capitals, De Melt said it seems likely that “we’re going to see it reach a whole new fever pitch and we’re going to see those Canadiens flags coming out, people waving them all around town. It’s going to be that hockey fever that Montrealers know well from now on I think.”

I love the lone bike cop rolling in at the end of the above video. Yep, that guy and his trust bike are there to quell any tomfoolery before he pedals on to restore order in another locale.

Come on, man. I cannot believe those folks didn’t flip over that cop car and set the sucker on fire. What happened to you guys in Montreal? You used to be cool. Now you’ve gone all soft.

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