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There’s Something Off-Putting About Andy Reid Finishing A Sentence With ‘Baby’

Andy Reid is at a crossroads in his coaching career. Heading into a new season for the first time without his franchise quarterback Donovan e since he took the head coaching job with the Philadelphia Eagles, Reid might be facing greater scrutiny than he has ever dealt with up to this point.

If anyone knows that you have to learn to adapt in the NFL if you want to survive, it’s Andy Reid. I suppose that is why Reid might have decided to show a more sensual, passionate, Barry White-like side of himself during an interview on 97.5 the Fan in Philadelphia with Mike Missanelli.

On the idea that the Eagles are rebuilding:

“Hey listen. We don’t rebuild baby. We just plug ‘em in and let’s go.”

I don’t know, just picturing Andy Reid finishing any statement with “baby” just don’t…well, it don’t sound right. Moreover, I cannot imagine Reid being passionate enough about anything to finish a thought with “baby” unless it had something to do with food. For instance, “Hey listen. We don’t rebuild this monster meatball hoagie the size of my arm after if falls apart, baby. We just plug them meatballs back in and let’s go. Baby.”

Andy Reid: “We don’t rebuild baby. We just plug ‘em in and let’s go” [Sports Radio Interviews]