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I Cannot Believe This Is The Same Duncan Keith Who Sang ‘Barely Breathing’

So, Duncan Keith manages to pick up the pieces of his failed music career and parlay the frustration and disappointment that he could only write one hit song into a lucrative and successful NHL one and he goes and pulls a stunt like this?

Not cool, Duncan Keith. Not cool. You can’t just go spraying hecklers with water bottles, not matter how big of a douche said heckler happens to be.

Via Puck Daddy:

It’s difficult to decipher what, exactly, verbally transpires between the two in the following clip; at least until the Smashville native starts talking about pulling a fire alarm in the Blackhawks’ hotel.

Yeah, I have to admit that threats by some yahoo can cause a person to become frustrated and react impulsively, but it’s no surprise that Duncan Keith flamed out of the music business. You need thicker skin that that. Let’s try harder to maintain your composure next time, Duncan.

Video: Duncan Keith’s liquid response to Predators fan taunting [Puck Daddy]