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A Guy Who Runs A Clippers Blog Tried Out For The L.A. Sparks Male Scout Team

This just in: sports bloggers are marginally athletic and going places, baby! Well, one of the places we as a people are going (besides Hell) is one of us showed up to try and be one of the guys on the male scout team who practices against the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks.

Enter D.J. Foster (he’s the guy circled in the above photo), who runs ClipperBlog on ESPN’s TrueHoop Network. His entire recap of his tryout is very amusing, but here’s a glimpse (via The Fabulous Forum):

Part of me acknowledges that it would be cool to try and check Sparks star Candace Parker. Another part of me realizes that I just really, really like basketball. But as I stare out of my windshield at the giant gym that awaits me, I come to the conclusion that I’m here simply to find out why everyone else is here. Who willingly signs up for a chance to get emasculated by WNBA players on a weekly basis?

I grab my gym bag and head towards the entrance for my answer.

Continue reading about his lung-bursting experiences here to see how things went for Foster. Remember, he is a Clippers blogger – he’s used to punishment and suffering. But hey, at least he’s out there doing something: making bloggers proud with his commitment, desire and willingness to embarrass himself for our enjoyment.

Good on you, D.J. Foster.

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