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Wake N’ Blog: I Smell Sitcom – Twin Sisters Ask Twin Brothers To Prom

Wake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. Yeah, it’s Monday. Big deal, right? I don’t want to hear any whining. It’s just another day. Get over it. Send tips, etc. to

• Or do I smell stupid? I can’t tell. Twin sisters Adrian and Hannah McInnes asked identical twins Josh and Jerimiah Dockter to attend their prom at Jamestown High School in North Dakota. Apparently, they all work at the same grocery store so I guess in a town the size of Jamestown, the grocery store will have to be closed on prom night. [MSNBC/AP]

• Outstanding extensive interview with Joe Mauer by David Brown. [Big League Stew]

• Troy from West Virginia is back doing You Tube videos. If you have not heard of him, familiarize yourself with his work. [Walkoff Walk]

• Your Mr. Irrelevant from 2010 NFL Draft… [Shutdown Corner]

• …looks like a dirty hippie. [Tirico Suave]

• Wright State basketball player busted for stealing condoms. [Busted Coverage]

• Tom and Gisele have a nice little house on the West Coast. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Nightmare fuel photo of the day. Nice biceps, dork. [Total Pro Sports]

• Classic video of Ahmad Rashad interviewing Tiger Woods after he won the 1997 Masters. [You Been Blinded]

The Onion Headline of the Day: How Gay Should Your Husband Be Before You File For Divorce?