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Video: Russian Immigrants Got Treated Like S**t At Wrigley Field

First of all, I have no idea where this video is came from, nor can I testify to the accuracy of the translation from Russian or if the damn thing is even real, but it was far too humorous to not pass along to you.

Apparently, some Russian immigrants – their spokesperson insists they are Cubs fans – took in a game at Wrigley Field, where they were treated, in his words, like shit.

A transcript of the video-watching-challenged:

Russian Dude: “See this pile of shit behind me? These Cubs fans treated us like that.”

Interviewer: “They treated you like a pile of shit?”

Russian Dude:“They shoved my friend’s face into it.”

Interviewer: “Why did they do that?”

Russian Dude: “They thought we were from Milwaukee.”

Interviewer: “You still a Cub fan?”

Russian Dude: “No, not anymore.”

Awesome. Apparently, to Cubs fans, all Russian immigrants are from Milwaukee. Yet, this video leaves us with more questions than answers.  First of all, what exactly occurred on that terrible day at Wrigley Field? Yes, they clearly felt they were treated like shit, but how so? Should all immigrants steer clear of Wrigley Field? Especially ones who appear to be from Milwaukee because they were Russians? Second, when Russian Dude says that the Cubs fans in question shoved their friend’s face into it, did he mean that literally? I am speculating here, but my guess is he must be referring to the unstable, possibly inebriated, comrade behind him, who, as far as I can surmise, has shit still smeared all over his face. Why hasn’t he cleaned the shit off his face? How much later was this video taken? Immediately? A few days? And where was this video recorded? Are there actually large, steaming piles of shit right outside of Wrigley Field? Does Wrigleyville have a major issue with the disposal of excrement?

No, I don’t understand this video. Not at all. But that shit-faced -both literally and figuratively – Russian guy stumbling around in the background during the interview makes it all worth it.