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Resistance Is Futile: Borg To Compete In Tennis Tourney, Fans Shall Be Assimilated

Yeah, I’m a Star Trek nerd, wanna fight about it? Not an actual physical fight, mind you, but some sort of computerized simulation of fighting. A fight amongst the stars on Star Trek Online, perhaps? I call the Enterprise!

Anyhoo, this ridiculously overreaching (and tremendously unfunny) Borg joke is courtesy of the news that tennis legend Bjorn Borg will make his return to semi-professional tennis. Borg will compete in the Outback Champions Series in Boston beginning Thursday. The Series, which is open to competitors over 30 years of age (Borg is fifty-friggin’-three), has the potential for quite the intriguing matchup. Also competing in the tournament is one of Borg’s most diabolical nemesis…

No, not Picard. Come on, man. I am of course referring to John McEnroe. If Borg can get by Mikael Pernfors in the first round, he will face the winner of a match between and Mats Wilander and McEnroe in the following round.

Via CBS Sports:

Borg won 11 Grand Slam singles titles from 1974 to 1981 — five at Wimbledon, six at the French Open. He and McEnroe split their 14 career meetings. Their most famous match was the 1980 Wimbledon final, in which McEnroe won a fourth-set tiebreaker 18-16, but Borg won the fifth set 8-6.

Says Borg: “It’s always something special to see John’s face on the other side of the net.”

Indeed. This is the most excited I have been from an appearance by a Borg since Jeri Ryan, the gal who portrayed Seven of Nine on Voyager, made an appearance at a Star Trek Convention I attended. Talk about boldly going where no boner has gone before. I showed her my Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer, if you know what I mean. She didn’t seem too pleased about the dong-velopment, but Brent Spiner, who was also there, sure seemed impressed. A little bit too much, I am reluctant to admit.

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