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Nightmare Fuel

Off Topic: Leather-Jacketed Larry King Making Out Nightmare Fuel

GAH!!! I don’t know what is worse in the above terrifying images – the sight of Larry King romanticizing his not-so-estranged wife with a soul-sucking kiss (seriously, if they would have locked lips any longer, it would probably have resembled a scene from Lifeforce), her patting his ass  or King all decked out in denim and leather. Really, it’s a tough call.

Here’s the dirty truth, gang, a Larry King sex tape could be in the offing. If you only see one film the rest of your life it should not be that.  Is it just me, or did looking at that photo just cause me to become impotent? Sudden thought: I will never be the same again. I don’t care what anyone says, in my book, Larry King should not be allowed to kiss a woman ever.

(last paragraph riffed from SNL skit, Larry King’s News & Views)

Larry King & Shawn — The Make-Up Kiss [TMZ]