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Cubs Fan Injured After Falling To Field At Miller Park

Talk about going all out for a ball. A Cubs fan fell 14 feet from the lower level to the field during batting practice Sunday before his Cubs took the field to play the Brewers at Miller Park. He was taken off the field on a cart and treated at a hospital.

Via the USA Today/AP:

The man wearing Cubs gear and believed to be in his 20s was reaching out over the railing down the left field line attempting to catch foul balls on Sunday when he tumbled headfirst over the rail and onto the hard dirt below.

“Very shaken up, looking around the stadium, there’s got to be something to prevent that,” Cubs shortstop Ryan Theriot said. “I guess it could happen to anybody going for a ball. Guys get those front-row seats to get foul balls. Very scary.”

Brewers spokesman Tyler Barnes said privacy laws prevented them from releasing any detailed information about the person or the incident.

“He was observed by fans after the fall moving all his extremities,” Barnes said.

Thankfully, it appears the unnamed Cubs fan will eventually be no worse for wear and will be able to resume his usual activities of acting like an arrogant, drunken dick at Cubs games soon enough. Like the saying goes, you can take the Cubs fan out of Wrigley but you can’t take the Wrigley out of the Cubs fan. No, that doesn’t really make sense, but you know what I mean.

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