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Can’t Be Worse Than ‘Are We There Yet’ – Ice Cube Made Documentary About The Raiders

Back in the day, Ice Cube, before he began appearing in movies with children and animals (bad idea), and his cohorts in N.W.A. frequently dressed themselves in Raiders gear. So much so, that Raiders clothing and the street culture of gangsta rap became synonymous.

Apparently, Cube was ready to take a nostalgic look back to before he became sanitized for family consumption, as he has directed a documentary on the Raiders, Straight Outta L.A. Hey, that’s just like the title of that album by N.W.A.! Brilliant!

From an AP report (via Film Drunk):

The film was to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday and will air on ESPN in May as part of the network’s “30-for-30” series.

“It was a team we could identify with, from the neighborhood that we came from,” says Cube. “The Lakers was real glitzy and glamour; the Dodgers were seen as a little out of reach. But the Raiders, it seemed like my uncles played for the Raiders.”

ESPN asked Cube, who has worked as actor and producer in such movies as “Boyz n the Hood” and “Friday,” to contribute a film to “30-for-30.” But he had only directed once: 1998’s “The Players Club.”

“I thought about it for a minute, and this was the story: the L.A. Raiders coming to L.A. and how their image and persona, in a lot ways, changed the trajectory of hip-hop,” he says.

Video after the jump. And yes, it is relevant to the story. What did you think I would do? Upload irrelevant video? Sheesh.

Looks interesting enough. But to be honest, I’m looking much more forward to some of the sports documentaries¬† soon to be released featuring high profile rap acts from yesteryear working their magic behind the camera and riffing on their hit albums for the title. Most notably, coming soon is a baseball documentary directed by rapper Snow regarding current White Sox general manager Kenny Williams and his role on the 1990 Toronto Blue Jays team. It is tentatively called, Bench Warmer.

A licky boom boom down.

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