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A Lot Of Dumbass Broncos Fans Pissed Away Good Money Over The Weekend

According to a tweet by NFL PR Department employee Joanna Hunter (via The Huddle), Tim Tebow’s new Broncos jersey was the biggest selling jersey among rookies over the weekend. No number were made available, but I can assure you that every single moron who laid down between $79.99 for a replica and over $200 if they sprung for an authentic, customized jersey will rue the day they blew their money on such a frivolous purchase. The guy hasn’t even made it through a damn training camp, for crying out loud. What happens when Tebow hears the call of the Lord commanding him to leave football and focus solely on circumcisions ? What? It could happen.

You cannot be too careful when purchasing a jersey for someone who hasn’t done jack squat as a professional. That is, unless you enjoy throwing your money away. And allow me to admit that I speak from experience. Who has two thumbs, is a complete woodhead who impulsively purchased an authentic Tarvaris Jackson jersey before the first game of the 2008 Vikings season?

This guy. I suck.

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