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You Morons Missed The Chance To Eat Lunch With Tim Cowlishaw

You guys blew it. You blew it big time. I can’t be here to hold your hand through everything and now you cannot win a lunch date with scribe for The Dallas Morning News and ESPN’s Around the Horn blowhard Tim Cowlishaw. Good job, woodheads.

You see, Cowlishaw has a little contest going on regarding where Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Dez Bryant would end up getting selected in the draft. The person most accurate with their guesses gets to eat lunch with Cowlishaw and some Cowboys beat writer!

What could be better than a free lunch with not only myself but our veteran Cowboys and (occasional) Mavericks scribe, Todd Archer? It’s right there for you to win…today!

I will shut off selections at 6:30 p.m. Central when the draft begins, and I will post Todd’s picks and mine so you can score at home. Winner gets free lunch with me and Archer at Hully and Mo’s. Hey, at least it’s a good spot if you can’t stand the company.

Everyone who beats me and Archer — it won’t be easy, we are trained professionals — will be listed in a blog post Monday. And the winner will be announced then as well. Good luck!

Imagine it! It will be like the friggin’ Algonquin Round Table set up shop at Hully and Mo’s for that luncheon. And to think about the questions you could have asked Cowlishaw. Top in my mind would have been, “What’s Tony Reali like in real life? Is he nice? If you were to run your fingers through his hair, would they get stuck or pass through easily?”

Snarkiness aside, Cowlishaw is at least self-deprecating about the entire thing, so I reluctantly have to give him some credit. Further, he is forced to spend a part of every weekday arguing with Woody Paige and – ugh – Jay Mariotti. I believe that makes him eligible for canonization.

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