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Wake N’ Blog: When I Describe This Meth Head Suspect As Being Neck-Deep In S**t, I Mean It Literally

Wake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. When it isn’t dead tired from staying up too late obsessively playing Super Mario Bros. Wii after watching nearly four hours of NFL draft coverage – to see the Vikings NOT make a pick, it will do its very best to inform, enlighten and entertain. And you can help: send tips to Thankee.

• Police originally thought they lost their suspect, a 52-year-old man wanted on methamphetamine charges, but they ended up finding him on a farm in northeastern Indiana, buried up to his neck in hog and dog feces. Meth Guy didn’t go down without a fight, though. Police had to use their tasers to subdue him. I guess if he evacuated his bowels because of the tasing, no one probably notice. That’s good. [MSNBC/AP]

• Alex Rodriguez: still a clueless dick. [Babes Love Baseball]

• The Madden 11 gameplay trailer, y’all! [FirstCuts]

• Drew Brees is not worried about the “Madden Curse.” We’re happy for him. [Larry Brown Sports]

• According to every headline everywhere, “Sam is a Ram,” or some variation of that. But does he like green eggs and ham? Sam the Ram? [Joe Sports Fan]

• Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy: still available. Tim Tebow? He be a Bronco. Have fun with that, Denver fans. Suckers. [Shutdown Corner]

• Speaking of Tebow, how about the fact he and some dude who was with him wherever he was were wearing the same shirt? Awkward. [Tirico Suave]

• Tiger and Elin’s divorce is “100 percent happening.” I call first dibs on Elin! What? She’d totally dig me, dude. [Out of Bounds]

• My buddies at MYFO roll out a new feature, “Ask Joe Thornton’s Substitute,” featuring the Cock Knocker himself, Sean Avery. [Melt Your Face Off]

• The Top 10 things to take out of the first round of the NFL draft. [Five Tool Tool]

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