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Jon Gruden Paraphrased: ‘It’s A Crazy Network, A Lot Of Dumbass Analysts’

God bless Jon Gruden, that pumpkin pie hair-cutted freak. Seriously,while amusing in a “That guy…there’s something wrong with that guy” sort of way, the hairstyle he was sporting last night is bad enough an 8-year-old boy would be ashamed to walk out of the house with it. But when he starts cracking jokes to Mel Kiper about the NFL being a “crazy league” and the draft having “a lot of dumbass picks,” he becomes even more endearing.

And at least, unlike one of his cohorts sitting at the desk,  he didn’t spend the entire evening arrogantly interrupting people, bloviating needlessly about who knows what and demonstrating that he holds his fellow analysts beneath his contempt, like Steve Young did the entire night. God, that guy is a dick.

And what was the deal with Tom Jackson last night? It seemed like he would have rather been in a million other places than sitting at that desk. Although with all the hissy fits, back-biting and 12-year-old girl mentality demonstrated by the panel in several instances, I guess you can hardly blame him.

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