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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• The esteemed Michael Wilbon discusses Alexander Ovechkin’s Snowgate controversy, and look at the blog he links to in his post: little old me and the Sportress! How about that! [World Wide Wilbon]

• The New York Mets have turned into telemarketers. [Simon on Sports]

• A display comparing the heights of elephants to other animals at the Pittsburgh Zoo has had a reference to Ben Roethlisberger’s height removed by staff. [Mondesi’s House]

• Meanwhile, my colleague Rick Chandler landed an exclusive interview with on the elephants. [Out of Bounds]

• The seven best Twitter reactions to Denver’s drafting of Tim Tebow. [Busted Coverage]

• Trying to put a positive spin on the Pirates losing 20-0 to the Brewers yesterday. [Bugs & Cranks]

• Hey! If Tiger Woods wants to go watch bland corporate rock concerts, he should be allowed to, dammit! [Devil Ball Golf]

• Best goal celebration ever? Best goal celebration ever. [With Leather]

• A gallery of “Doan Face” photoshops. If you have no idea what “Doan Face” is, you’re missing out. [Puck Daddy]

• The Tim Tebow draft pick in photos. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Ladies and gentlemen, the Alexander Ovechkin song. [D.C. Sports Bog]

• TBL dug up some photos of that underage prostitute that one soccer player you never heard of was nailing. I’m not touching this one with a ten-foot pole. [The Big Lead]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: Apartment-Wide Porn Sweep Precedes Date’s Arrival

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