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Here’s One National Columnist Who Doesn’t Agree With Tebow Draft Pick

It seems like people are afraid to criticize the Denver Broncos drafting of Tim Tebow. Even more so, they feel compelled to talk it up like it was a stroke of unbelievable genius,  lest they upset the delicate balance of all is right in the world and the sins and iniquity that plague it, particularly in the National Football League.  But not Pete Prisco from CBS Sports. In fact, Prisco believes Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels just prematurely signed his own walking papers and will be fired for the decision to draft St. Timmus Tebowcius. In clear, concise, one-sentence paragraphs, Prisco lays it all out for us.

Tebow is raw. He doesn’t understand the passing game. He doesn’t read defenses.

Oh, but he’s a good kid.

At least he’ll save the locker room.

Really? If you aren’t playing, character doesn’t matter. The NFL is a cruel business. His rah-rah crap doesn’t matter. They won’t listen. They won’t stand for it.

Crying after losses?

Yeah, right.

Does he work hard? Yes. Does he want to be good? Yes.

But the skills aren’t there. He isn’t close to being as good as Jimmy Clausen. Too bad for Jimmy he doesn’t have the character Tebow has, at least that’s what they say.

The Broncos reached big time for Tebow. But look at the bright side: At least he won’t be running the streets.

He also won’t be starting anytime soon — if ever.

And Josh McDaniels will lose his job in a year or two over this one and his other moves over the past year.

Take that, Josh McDaniels! You will rue the day you drafted Tim Tebow. Go ahead, begin rueing. Still, I admire Prisco’s moxie, even though he’s going to burn in Hell now.

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