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Have No Fear, Bud Selig Says MLB’s Top Science Adviser Intently Examining HGH Test

Good to know. Bud Selig made his annual appearance in front of the Associated Press Sports Editors and said that Dr. Gary Green, a UCLA professor (so you know he’s super smart), has not yet determined the validity of the blood test available from the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Via the AP report:

“As soon as Dr. Green has finished his study on things, believe me, I’m most anxious to move forward,” Selig said. “One can debate what HGH does or doesn’t do. It needs to be banned.”

Unionized major leaguers currently have only urine testing. The players’ union has said it would consider a blood test if it is validated.

Selig said that if baseball adopts the test, it would start using it for players with minor league contracts. He has repeatedly spoken with club athletic trainers about how prevalent the use of HGH is in the majors.

“The answer is we really don’t know,” Selig said. “Most think it’s relatively low, but they really don’t know.”

Unless some form of HGH testing is adopted, we’ll never know. In any event, at least Selig now has a incredibly competent, meticulous scientist at the helm of MLB Science Labs (that’s a made-up name – I think the real title is the Major League Baseball Science Place Where People Work On Science Stuff And Other Things Too).  You should have seen the last guy that was at the helm of the operation, not to mention his erratic assistant.

Look at those goofballs. Suffice it to say, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker were not terribly good at their jobs. Further, they were simply puppets of the Selig regime.

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