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Well, If Donald Trump Says Tiger’s Marriage Is Over…

…it’s gotta be true, right? There is no way The Donald would ever just say something for the purpose of shameless self-promotion and to get his name in the newspapers. That’s not his style.

Trump, who is apparently good friends with Tiger, said during a telephone interview on Good Day New York that the marriage, for all intents and purposes is kaput.

“Do you want me to be blunt about it? I think it is over and it is too bad.  I think he feels very badly about it.  It is very, very tough.”

“He has been just devastated by what has happened, and he goes terribly about it.”

Goes terribly? That’s an interesting phrase. That’s usually what my wife says about when I get up in the middle of the night to take a leak. (try the veal)

But it wouldn’t have been a Donald Trump interview without some kind of smart-ass, self-aggrandizing comment from the guy. Towards the end of the interview, Trump cracks wise about how much a woman, in particular his wife, should tolerate when it comes to infidelity.

“Who can blame her? I am sure that my wife would be extremely ok with one, two, or three infidelities, but 15 is a bit much,” Trump joked.


Video after the jump, if you are unable to grasp the above comments from Trump without hearing his smug voice.

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