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The Pittsburgh Pirates: Still Terrible

Things can change in an instant in this crazy, millions of miles per hour world, but one thing remains remarkably constant through it all: the ineptitude of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

Earlier this afternoon at PNC Park, the Pirates lost in historic fashion to the Milwaukee Brewers by a mind-bending, punched-in-the-junk score of 20-0, the worst shutout loss in the team’s history, besting the 18-0 clunker against Philadelphia in 1910.

This time, it was starting pitcher Daniel McCutchen who yielded the early lead, and for the third straight game the offense did nothing to help. It was the second shutout loss in a row for the Pirates, who were outscored 36-1 over the course of the three games.

Yep, the second shutout in a row. That’s commitment to suckitude right there, especially for a team that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in 18 years and is on a 17-year streak of consecutive losing seasons. Yowsers. At least the Pittsburghians (?) can distract themselves with all the good stuff going on with the Stee-…oops.

Well, it looks like the Penguins are going to make it out of the first round of the NHL Playoffs. Maybe. That’s nice.

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