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Shut Up, Mark Cuban

According to an informal count, this is the fifth time since I started the Sportress just over one year ago that the topic of a post has been some variation of “Shut the rip up, Mark Cuban.” Frankly, it is getting extremely tiring. Perhaps this will be the last one, but probably not.

Cuban’s latest demonstration of his rampant needsattentionitis (it’s a relatively unknown condition, but very widespread) is criticizing the NFL for stretching its draft over three days and selfishly turning it into a prime-time, even more profitable event. The nerve of those guys running the NFL sitting in their ivory towers.

“I just don’t think the NFL is playing themselves out to be a good partner,” Cuban said, mentioning issues the NFL has sought the NBA’s advice on copyright, collective bargaining and television issues. “You can’t operate professional sports in a vacuum … It’s a cyclical business. Always has been. Always will be. How you treat people when you’re at the top is usually a good reflection on how they treat you when you’re on your way down.”

It’s cyclical, you see. And Mark Cuban is right on one point. When never comes and the NBA is sitting atop the sports landscape and the NFL is a shell of its former self, Cuban will finally exact his revenge. It’s not going to be sweet when it never happens.

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