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Cartoon Network Steps In, Will Finally Make Watching NBA Games Tolerable

Given the dearth of NBA-centric content here at the Sportress, regular readers can probably surmise that yours truly is not much of a basketball fan. I once was a big NBA fan, mind you, but the declining quality of the product put out on the floor by David Stern and his evil band of henchmen has been directly related to my declining interest in the sport at the professional level, not to mention having the Minnesota Timberwolves as the local NBA team, which can also sour a person quite a bit.

That is why I am at least curious about the news that Cartoon Network, working with TNT, is developing an NBA show called Run It Back Sunday, which “will take the NBA On TNT game of the week and remix it into an hour, adding special effects (like flames around the net or ball) and pop up trivia about the game and players.” Far out, man. Burning basketballs. It will be like NBA Jam, I guess, without the pesky controllers and actually having to do anything. And if they can somehow figure out a way to do some cross-programming and get Charles Barkley on Cartoon Network, so much the better, although then the show would probably have to air during Adult Swim.

Along with Run It Back Sunday, Cartoon Network is also working on something called Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game, “a sports-themed show honoring professional and amateur athletes.” Hey, it probably won’t be any worse than the other times a non-traditional network tried their hands at sports programming. Just look at the crap that used to pass for acceptable television viewing on MTV Sports. And hey, Dan Cortese could really use the work, right?

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