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Awesome: Alex Ovechkin Sprays Snow On Little Punk Waving Canadiens Team Flag

As part of his pregame routine, Alexander Ovechkin always skates hard to the bench and stops abruptly, spraying snow everywhere. Consider it akin to the practice by LeBron James and Kevin Garnett when they throw up clouds of powder prior to every opening tip. What made Ovechkin’s routine before the Caps-Habs game last night different (and sure to drum up unnecessary controversy) was there happened to be two little kids dressed up in Montreal gear waving Canadiens flags. The kid standing in front of the Caps’ bench got slightly sprayed, surely scarring him for life.

Just kidding, and as Sean Leahy points out over at Puck Daddy, the kid probably was more thrilled than traumatized. It was the Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player himself, after all.

While the anti-Ovechkin crowd will see this as a classless act because it’s, well, Ovechkin, you just know that that kid is somewhere in a Montreal-area elementary school right now bragging to his buddies about getting snowed on by the Washington captain. He probably has the YouTube video favorite’d.

Absolutely agree. Maybe if the Habs hadn’t crapped the bed last night, losing 6-3 and going down 3-1 in the series, the kid would be in even better spirits than he already is today. Alex Ovechkin, man.

Video: You’ll either love, hate Ovechkin spraying snow on kid [Puck Daddy]