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Tim Tebow To Skip Attending NFL Draft, Will Instead Hang Out With Human, Mortal Family

It’s All-Tebow, All-The-Time here at the Sportress apparently. Once he is drafted and becomes a team’s practice squad quarterback, I imagine the buzz will die down. I hope.

Tim Tebow told NFL Network’s  Rich Eisen that he will forgo showing up for the NFL Draft – a wise move, if you ask me – because he couldn’t coordinate getting his entire family to New York to be with him. What a friggin’ mama’s boy.

“The most important thing to me — if you know me — is my family,” Tebow said. “For me to look at it (as) my moment because I have worked for it, that’s being selfish. This is their moment, too. It’s my family’s moment. To not be with them, it’s a hard thing for me to do.”

Yep, there was no way Tebow was going to get up on that stage at Radio City Music Hall when his name is called in the late second round unless every member of his extended family could go up there with him. And they better have had jerseys for everybody, too. It’s their moment, dammit. Stop being so myopic, NFL – allow every God-fearing Tebow (or some other name in the case of marriage) to bask in the glory and splendor that is Tim Tebow.

Tebow declines invitation to attend draft, decides to return home []