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Switch Hitting: It’s Hard Out There For Bisexual Softball Players

Just when you think bisexual softball players are finally making a significant headway penetrating the clique that is homosexual softball, something like this happens and it must make them feel like they are taking it right up the poop chute. Just because they happen to swing from both sides of the plate, so to speak, should not mean they are not allowed to participate in the Gay Softball World Series, right?

Three bisexual softball players from San Francisco have filed a federal complaint against the organizers of the 2008 Gay Softball World Series in Seattle. They claim they were discriminated against because of their bisexuality.

Via The Seattle Times:

The Seattle Times reports that the men filed the federal complaint Tuesday against the softball tournament’s organizer, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance. It alleges that after another team complained, the alliance ruled the three men were “nongay,” and took away the team’s second-place finish.

Hoo boy, that’s (non)gay. What’s up with these bisexuals anyway? While I am sure they fully support the rights of homosexuals to put on their own softball tournament, they nevertheless feel that the rules should be changed simply to accommodate them and their sexuality. It’s like these bisexuals want it both ways or something.

Bisexual men say gay softball series discriminated [The Seattle Times/AP]