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Not Only Does Tiger Screw Around On His Wife, He Also Cheats On Good Music

Tiger Woods, you miserable, no good, goddamn son-of-a-bitch. Nickelback? Nickelback? God, dude, that’s just flat out wrong. The guy cannot keep taking shots to hisĀ  Q Score like this. Women, as a group, already despise him, now guys who do not support the lifestyles of bland, corporate rock dickbags have a beef with him.

Apparently, in an affront to good taste and the sensibilities of lovers of good music everywhere, Tiger further shamed himself by taking in a Nickelback concert last night at the Amway Arena in Orlando. Word on the street is he even hung out backstage with the purveyors of pussy rock. I can only imagine what kind of lame-ass scene one would had to endure simply by partying backstage at a Nickelback concert.

Man, what a friggin’ dick. I understand Tiger enjoys slumming for his side pieces, but that does not mean he has to degrade himself by attending a concert put on by those Canadian fucktards. What gives? He couldn’t hold out for the Barenaked Ladies to come to town?

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