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MLB Reverses Decision, Now It’s All Good In The Hood For Rays Manager

Yesterday, the Sportress brought you the disappointing news that Major League Baseball had informed Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon that he was not allowed to wear his comfy hooded sweatshirt any longer. Today, we are the bearer of good news: the MLB has reconsidered and now it is okey-dokey for the skipper to don the casual attire once again.

From Fox Sports/AP:

“Hoodie-gate is over,” Maddon said. “I received a call today saying cooler heads had prevailed. I’m now able to wear the hoodie any time I’d like.”

“It’s so nice that I can wear my hoodie without any concern that it may result in some form of punishment,” he said. “I’m just happy to say on behalf of all the hoodie-wearers everywhere that MLB is back in line with a subculture that I can really, truly identify with.”

Awesome. Thankfully, the MLB saw the folly in their overly-conservative policy regarding sweatshirts. But do you know who the real winners in are in all of this? The kids.

“It’s good for the youth in the United States who are grabbing onto Major League Baseball for the first time,” Maddon said. “I’m sure the hoodie is their favorite piece of clothing, right next to the hat.”

That’s right, folks. A nation of sloppily-dressed, hooded sweatshirt-wearing punks rejoiced upon hearing the news. If all goes as planned, the hooded sweatshirt will unite the Youth of America into a cohesive, Major League Baseball-loving unit. It will take a nation of millions of appropriately attired baseball fans to hold back this movement.

(raises fist)

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