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Just Like Me, Charles Barkley Works With A Bunch Of Assholes

Boy, do I know how that goes. Co-workers yucking it up, making you the butt of their lame-ass jokes. It’s tiring. During the “T Mobile Questions For Chuck” bit during TNT’s coverage of the NBA playoffs, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith started giving Barkley a hard time about the two lovely gals who were asking Sir Charles a question – one a blonde, one a brunette – and which hair color Chuck prefers. Finally, Barkley had enough and called them both assholes. But I think we all know which shade of hair Charles prefers: the color of tresses attached to the girl who gives the best blow jobs. Crap, I don’t even think Barkley would care if the gal was bald – as long as she had the requisite skills.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to focus my attention on the hateful taunts of my fellow employees. I never would have guessed working at a proctologist’s would mean I’d have to deal with so many assholes.

[H/T You Been Blinded]