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Craig James Is A Crying Little Bitch

Speaking Tuesday at something called the “PowerLunch Series” at the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas, Protective Papa Craig James broke down in tears as he regaled the jobless losers who attend motivational luncheons at churches on Tuesday afternoons with stories about the “spiritual war” his family has been through over the last four months, ever since he and his son got Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach fired after the coach was allegedly a super-duper meanie-weenie to James’ son, Adam.

From The Dallas Morning News:

“We were hoping that would stop the insanity that was done to him,” James said.

James said the family received death threats. He said that the police had to sit outside his home.

Though tears and broken words came across recanting the events, James wanted to make sure that signs of regret never did.

“Our character, our honesty and our integrity are in place,” he insisted. “We’ve done nothing wrong.”

Maybe not, but you are super-freaking annoying, you weepy little pissant. Grow a friggin’ pair, you pansy.

Craig James tears up, discusses Texas Tech incident at Prestonwood Baptist Church luncheon [The Dallas Morning News]