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This Just In: All Canadians Hate America

You know, one would think with all the goodwill the good old United States of America have demonstrated towards our friends to the North since they became a country fifty years ago, they would treat us with a little more respect. But no, those goddamn Canuckistanis thumb their nose at us every chance they get.

Not once, but twice recently, Canadians have taken a steaming dump on every American from sea to shining sea with their deplorable behavior and utter contempt for our traditions, culture and honorable heritage.

The first: two Canadian domestic terrorists, Ryan Smith (25) and Matt Siefert (26) may be charged by the La Quinta, California police department with flag desecration and vandalism after they took down an American flag and replaced it with a Canadian flag after Canada defeated the United States in the gold medal hockey game during the Vancouver Olympics.

From The Vancouver Sun:

The flag in question had been displayed on a mountain top in La Quinta, a resort town about halfway between Los Angeles and the Nevada border which is popular with Canadian snowbirds. The flag had been “maintained by a private citizen in honour of the September 11, 2001 victims,” the release said.

After Sidney Crosby scored the gold medal-winning goal against U.S. goaltender Ryan Miller on the afternoon of Feb. 28, police allege Smith and Siefert, who had watched the game at a nearby bar, trekked up to the top of what locals call Mount Happy and replaced the Stars and Stripes with the Maple Leaf.

Police said that the flag was “damaged” when they found it.

That’s shameful, shameful behavior!

Second, the hockey fans of Canada are back at it again, booing our national anthem. On Monday night at the Bell Center in Montreal, fans could be heard audibly booing during “The Star-Spangled Banner” prior to the start of the game between the Canadiens and Washington Capitals.

Video after the jump.

Via D.C. Sports Bog:

As for Monday night’s performance, it hardly seems overwhelming in this clip, but I’ve been told it sounded louder on the radio feed. “These dopes are booing our anthem,” Tracee Hamilton tweeted. “Scattered boos; Let’s go Habs was louder,” Caps PR man Nate Ewell reported.

“I have to say, I was embarrassed to be a Canadian when I heard that booing, when they booed the American anthem,” Comcast SportsNet’s Lisa Hillary said a few hours later. “Very, very disappointed.”

My fellow Americans, I regret having to tell you that this ain’t good. Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence and three times is a friggin’ conspiracy. Those damn Canadians are up to something and I don’t like it. If we don’t batten down the hatches and seal our northern border immediately, who knows what could be headed our way? But I will tell you this: when a bunch of Yetis storm across our bordered disguised as Mounties riding polar bears, it’s going to be far too late.

You have been warned.

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