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Stephen A. Smith Really Stuck His Neck Out With Radical Column About Roethlisberger

If there is one thing that most people will universally agree upon when it comes to Stephen A. Smith it’s that he isn’t afraid to look at things a tad askew, to take the contrarian stance simply for the sake of being different. And ladies and gentlemen, SAS has done just that once again. He’s not going to get pigeonholed into the populist take on the controversial issue of what Roger Goodell should do about Ben Roethlisberger. Are you ready for it?

Stephen A. Smith, in his infinite wisdom, thinks Ben Roethlisberger needs be punished by the NFL. Suspended, even. And immediately. Whoa. Slow down there, good fella.

From his column in The Philadelphia Inquirer, the aptly-titled and leaving no doubt where he stands on the matter, “Goodell should suspend Roethlisberger”:

Goodell needs to announce that the NFL is suspending the Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback. A four-game suspension sounds about right. He needs to make it clear that it’s not because of any criminal act, that it’s primarily because of juvenile behavior and a violation of the league’s code of personal conduct. And he needs to do so immediately, without compunction, and without any input from Roethlisberger’s employer, preferably before the NFL draft on Thursday night, specifically to avoid the appearance of any preferential treatment.

Hoo boy, that’s some pretty dangerous thinking right there. The kind of thinking, in fact, that can be potentially dangerous to the person courageous (or foolish) enough to publicly articulate it.  Come on, Stephen A. Smith. Radical opinions like that are going to get you in trouble with the wrong kinds of people. Check yourself.

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