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Jared Allen Defends The Honor Of Fiancee In Profanity-Laced Fashion

A word to the wise: it’s probably not the best idea to call an insane professional football player’s fiancee a derogatory name.

Some yahoo in Arizona should be counting his blessings (and his teeth) after he drew the ire of Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Jared Allen a couple of weeks ago at the Grapevine Bar in Scottsdale after he allegedly hurled what TMZ is referring to as a “four-letter slur” that “rhymes with punt” at Allen’s bride-to-be. Hoo boy. The “C Word”? Bad idea jeans, man.

When Jared heard the insult,  the 6’6″, 270 pound Pro Bowler — who’s also an avid hunter — told the guy, “I’ll break your f*cking neck homeboy … and then I’ll write a check to your f*cking name too.”

In the video, a woman can be seen dragging Jared away from the other man. We’re told both Jared and the other dude each left the bar without further incident.

Jared’s rep at EAG Sports Management tells TMZ, “No matter what, Jared will always protect and defend his family.”

Thankfully, for Allen’s sake, no punches were thrown and other than a few threatening expletives spewed at the guy who clearly has no regard for his own personal well-being, it appears the potential altercation ended without a major incident. Nevertheless, considering that Allen has been arrested for DUI three times during his career and has been previously suspended by the NFL, one has to wonder how Der Kommissar Herr Goodell will look upon Allen spending time in a bar and how that might play into a possible violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on how this plays out.

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