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‘Cue’ The Controversy: World Champion Snooker Player Gives Ball The Finger!

Won’t somebody think of the children???

Ronnie O’Sullivan, a three-time World Champion snooker player nicknamed “The Rocket” due to his fast play, blasted his middle finger at the red ball during the first round of a match with Liang Wenbo.

Okay, since I hardly qualify as an expert concerning the game of snooker, I’ll allow The Times to explain:

The three-time champion made back-to-back centuries of 100 and 108 but was otherwise not at his best in accumulating a 7-2 overnight lead in his first round match. O’Sullivan grew increasingly frustrated with the frequency of his errors, which led to him raising his middle finger after another ball failed to drop into the middle pocket.

O’Sullivan was warned about his behaviour by referee Colin Humphries, and has been told a repeat will result in him being docked a frame.

The opening nine frames of the clash with Liang summed O’Sullivan up, with a touch of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Centuries in the third and fourth frames, an 86 in the eighth and a 56 in the ninth, which could quite easily have become a 147, were the highlights from the title favourite’s perspective, but he nevertheless made more mistakes than usual and was fortunate his opponent offered next to nothing.

Yeah, what they said.

Video of the dastardly deed after the jump.

My God and goodness gracious! The bloody nerve of that bloke to wave his middle appendage at the red ball. He might as well have take out his  bits and tallywagger and waved them at the table! For shame!

To me, it seems to be much ado about nothing. His vulgar gesture was scarcely noticeable and like all competitive pursuits, snooker rightfully deserves its very own Bad Boy of Billiards.

I assume that O’Sullivan were to keep this up, he could find himself behind the eight ball, if you will, with the sport”s governing body. But since the eight ball doesn’t even make an appearance during a snooker match, I may have scratched on that particular reference.

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