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You’re With Me, Contract Extension

No one circles the wagons and locks up an overrated blowhard with a long-term contract like the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Well, maybe the “Rrrrrraiderrrrrs” do, but that’s another story altogether.

The rumors that Chris Berman might leave the friendly confines of Bristol, Connecticut and “Could. Go. All. The. Way.” (rumblin’, bumblin’, stumblin’, I’d reckon)  for a rival – NFL Network, perhaps – were just that: rumors, as the word on the street is Berman will reportedly sign a multi-year contract extension with ESPN as soon as today. Joy!

Via USA Today‘s always informative Sports Television blog:

Asked about speculation he might leave, Berman said Sunday that “this is my home. I’d love to finish here, and I’m going to. I’ll be here as long as they’ll have me.”

Berman has been with ESPN since its inception in 1979, and to give credit where credit is due, that’s a mighty long time to stay relevant – at least in the eyes of the people who sign a person’s paychecks – in that business. Berman claims he is looking forward to bigger and better things, and with ESPN and its parent company, ABC in the running to secure broadcast rights of the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and Socchi, Russia, Berman has said he might even brush up on his Russian, if necessary.

“I took just a tad of Russian once upon a time. I’ll have to find my old book. … That would be awesome.”

Awesome, indeed. But instead of his mildewy, old Russian book from college or whatever, Berman should probably spring for that Rosetta Stone software. It’s a much more effective learning tool and my guess is The Bermanator could afford it.

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