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Yee-Haw! Reba McEntire Takes Shot At Tiger Woods During Country Music Awards Show

You know, if this whole fledgling country music career doesn’t pan out for this Reba McEntire gal, she should definitely look into writing jokes for Leno or starring in her own sitcom or something, because this little red-headed firecracker brings the funny in ways few can. And she’s topical to boot!

During Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy of Country Music Awards – I can’t believe I missed it! – Reba took a potshot at notorious adulterers  Tiger Woods and Jesse James when discussing the prevailing themes of this year’s crop of country music hits. Via the New York Daily News:

“We’ve had a great year in country music,” said Reba McEntire as she took the stage of Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena, adding, “lots of songs about cowboy Casanovas, white liars and two-timin’ men – and I’d like to thank Jesse James and Tiger Woods for inspiring us all.”

Touché, Reba. From your mouth to God’s ear, I’ll tell you that, darlin’. If it hadn’t been for those two cheatin’ hearts, there would have been a dearth of songs about that topic in country music this year. If one thing can be said about country music performers, they never would beat a dead horse for subject matter. They’re always coming up with new and inventive ways to write songs about women, dogs and drinkin’.

And Reba wasn’t the only person to grace the stage and dig into their basket of professional sports-related tricks. Brooks & Dunn went with a Brett Favre zinger during their time at the microphone.

Brooks and Dunn, who announced last August they would be splitting up, quipped that they were “currently in therapy with Brett Favre trying to figure out how to waffle on [retirement].”

Ha! Hilarious and topical! I have got to start paying better attention to country music. I figure all I need is some earplugs and a lobotomy.

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