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The Manager Of The Baltimore Orioles Made A Funny

As Kevin Cowherd astutely points out in a post in The Baltimore Sun blog, The Toy Department, as the skipper of the hapless Baltimore Orioles, “[y]ou better have a sense of humor if you’re going to manage this bunch.” Truer words have rarely been written. Sitting at 2-11, the Orioles already find themselves a whopping eight games back in the AL East race.

Not willing to be dragged down into the dumps by such an already dire situation, Orioles manager Dave Trembley showed off his humorous side during the post-game show after Baltimore finally snapped its nine-game losing streak with an 8-3 win over Oakland.

“Good for the team, great for the fans,” Dave Trembley said to Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer on the MASN post-game show. “Now we can go for the pennant drive.”

That’s brilliant material right there, kids. Pennant drive. But it must be so damn frustrating to be affiliated with the Orioles franchise in any capacity and be forced to look up at the Yankees and Red Sox and their bloated payrolls (as well as the Rays and Blue Jays with their more modest payrolls) year after year in the standings. So, you have to give Trembley credit for at the very least maintaining some semblance of whimsicality in the face of yet another hopeless baseball season in Baltimore.

Not to be outdone, infielder Miguel Tejada was also cracking wise – although I’m not entirely sure he was joking at all – after the game.

“This game today for everybody here feels like a playoff game,” Tejada told reporters.

Ha! Man, these guys! These are funny guys.

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