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Adult Swim Gets A Gold Star For Their ‘White Sox Bathroom Sex’ Dramatization

Courtesy of Adult Swim’s “Eyewitness Nightbeat” comes this animated parody video of the shocking experiences of a man and his son in a U.S. Cellular Field men’s room on Opening Day (here’s a nice summary of the evening’s events that I wrote over at With Leather, in case you missed it). Suffice to say, there was some bangin’ going on in a stall, much to the shock and chagrin of said father.

The video is a classic. Well played, Adult Swim. The Taiwanese narration with English subtitles gave it a nice touch. And what is argued in the cartoon is true, America does love a winner. Although I do not quite get why there was an organ blocking the urinal. Interesting artistic choice.

[H/T The Sporting Blog]