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USA Rugby Must Really Hate Mormons

But who doesn’t, amirite? Just kidding. I’m sure Mormons don’t hate other Mormons – at least some of them.

Ranked sixth in the nation, the B.Y.U. women’s rugby team is on a roll right now heading into this weekend’s game in the  national college playoffs. But whether or not they manage to beat Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the quarterfinals on Saturday, their season ends after the game. The reason? B.Y.U. will unfortunately have to forfeit their next game because USA Rugby scheduled the games in the next round on Sunday, and I guess Mormons aren’t allowed to do stuff on Sunday.

Via The New York Times:

“We’re obviously just very frustrated,” said Siebach, a senior. “We don’t want to put USA Rugby in a bad light, but at the same time we feel like we’ve been treated wrongly.”

Ashley Voss, a spokeswoman for USA Rugby, said scheduling the round for Sunday was not intended as a slight to the B.Y.U. team. “It’s in no way a move to disregard their religious beliefs,” she said. “We want them to be able to compete. We want them to be here.”

Two things: first, women’s rugby? Yowsers. Probably not the best looking ladies on campus. Second, who knew Mormons couldn’t participate in sports on Sunday? Wasn’t Steve Young a practicing Mormon during his NFL playing days? He played on Sundays all the time. Hypocritical non-believer, that guy.

Head coach Tom Waqa, B.Y.U.’s head coach, is justifiably pissed. When reached for comment, Waqa said, “I told that fuck down at the league office…I told that anti-Mormite a fucking thousand times that we don’t ball on the Sabbath!”

Nah, he was much more reserved than that, Mormonically speaking. He said his squad “will be playing with a heavy heart, not being able to participate any further.”

Shomer Sabbath!

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