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Lips Don’t Lie: Shakira To Sing World Cup Anthem

Despite the multitude of problems the organizers of this summer’s World Cup in South Africa have faced, they still deserve an enormous amount of credit for one thing: they know how to break out the eye candy at big events.

First it was Charlize Theron, when she was on hand to announce the World Cup draw. Now it has been announced that Shakira, backed by a South African group called Freshlyground (like my morning one-hitter coffee!) will record and perform “Time for Africa,” the anthem for the World Cup.

The song, which will be available for download on April 26th, will also be performed by Shakira and her backing group at the kick-off concert for the World Cup on June 11th.

Never has a performance of an anthem been so eagerly anticipated for its inherent bonerrific-ness – except for Rosanne Barr’s performance of America’s national anthem. Talk about a subtly sexual, sublimely erotic performance.

Speaking of which, is it in bad taste to be turned on by the performance of anthem? Ah, what do I care? It’s not like I want to be a member of some worldwide, soccer-loving global community, with my rampant xenophobia and all.

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